Club volleyball is a major investment in your child’s life. Perhaps one of the most satisfying outcomes is to see your child play collegiality. No club program is complete without informing both players and parents about the important topic of college recruiting.

What We Offer

Recruiting Workshops

Skyline offers a Recruiting Workshop for both players and parents that covers the “do’s” and “don’ts” of timely and effective communication with colleges and universities. Topics covered include different ways parents may videotape matches and how to construct a recruiting video. We set aside time to video athletes’ skills, design proper introductions for these videos, and provide examples of various ways athletes can set up their profiles to make them appealing to college coaches. In addition to the workshops, our recruiting coordinator holds individual and group meetings throughout the season for further help and instruction.

Online Recruiting Database

Skyline has a one-of-a-kind recruiting database. The Contact Management Software is organized to collect important information about each athlete and may be used as each athlete’s guide for college recruiting activities. Included behind the athletes’ personal login are recruiting timelines, college comparison spreadsheets, articles on “Visits to Colleges,” templates for letters to college coaches, sample emails to colleges, and a comprehensive college search engine. Using their Smart-Phone or iPad, our coaches and staff are able to download each athlete’s information while court-side. These features and the database constitute an exceptionally powerful recruiting program that is unique to Skyline. No other club can boast comparable programs.

Player Profile Pages

Skyline provides online profile pages containing information about each player such as awards, accomplishments, playing experience, vertical jump, a personal section, and the athlete’s plans for her athletic career. The players will be given access to their profile page to maintain the information. The profile page will be posted on our website enabling each player to send it to the college coaches of their choice via email or by letter.

Online Video and Media Pages

On every athlete’s profile page, we have room for up to three videos you may link from your profile page. You also can include a PDF or other file format to provide college coaches additional information like newspaper articles. Our emails that we send out ot college coaches will include these links in the email so they can easily click on the video of their choice.

Our Dedication

We have a dedicated Recruiting Coordinator on staff, while also LOVB offers free recruiting resources and services for any LOVB club.